4w5 SX/SP

“Sexual/Self-Preservation – Mystifier (midrange) – The range where the mystique of the SX/SP stack is at its strongest. Unconsciously attracts with intense eye contact and other SX feelers, but holds back enough to give them a kind of untouchable or hard to get close to quality. Depending on their true intentions this can either frustrate their SX or reward their functional SP cooling system. Like midrangers of all stacks, there’s a seemingly casual approach to meeting their variant needs as the secondary instinct is kept both in play and at bay, and others may wonder what they really want.”

“What can happen with Sx/Sp people is that if they become too complacent and indulge themselves too long in Sp, they begin to hold back their energy, causing the intensity to build and build with no outlet for releasing the energy. This is where internal conflict builds up: there’s often a conflicted desire to withhold one’s energy and unleash it at the same time. This is why sx/sp is so often said to be the most self-conflicted stacking.”

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