I dreamt of walking into a church, and helping arrange the pews, as a hateful sermon began behind me about how we are not called to love everyone, and I walked to the pulpit to contradict him. As I approached, I was overcome by first a white hot sensation of indignation, then the presence of God. I began speaking in my own voice, condemning his hypocrisy in anger, but then my body was gradually borrowed, and I levitated, rising up into the air, as Jesus spoke with more compassion and grace of loving all our brothers and sisters as one because we are a single spirit, and the icons became windows with living faces, radiant and alive, but I was too high against the ceiling when his spirit departed, and I had to break my fall against the shelves, where I was briefly stuck, my dress shredded and half decent. I went back to Anoakie’s house where I found Lindsay and a mermaid preparing for the parade in Olympia, and we cuddled some seals who had wandered in from the shore in bed. The church sent assassins to silence me, but I was dying anyway and didn’t care.

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